How to escape your life

Paradigms Journal
2 min readApr 26, 2021
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Do you ever get tired being in your own shoes? Some times I catch myself wondering “how would it feel like being a different person right now?”.

In those moments when life challenges us, we probably feel like being a different person would currently be easier than being our selves. It goes something like: “If I could just be this and this kind of person, my life would be so much easier right now…”. This kind of an escape from our own life is probably a quite normal behavior when we start feeling uncomfortable in our own shoes. At the same time, we probably also see the grass so much greener on the other side and neglect the fact that all people have problems. It is easier to switch track than to carry on on our own track.

Some times I wonder what are the concerns of wealthy people? Do they even have concerns on the same level as we do? What would it feel like switching to a life of a wealthy person. Would the quality of life be much better?

Probably those people also struggle in their own ways. May be they struggle even more. Eventually when you have to manage multi million or even billion assets, the stakes are high. In fact these people might feel even more restricted as their circle of potential friends is much smaller.

So with all that being said, what conclusions can we make?

Probably switching a track wouldn’t really help. Potentially we might find ourselves in shoes of a life with even deeper problems. The most important fact to understand is that all people struggle. The only way not to struggle is to accept the challenges that your life gave you. Start defining a way how you will tackle these challenges. How will that help to expand your comfort zone and your character? And eventually, after overcoming these current challenges what a new person will you become?



Paradigms Journal

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