Make a choice what kind of person you will be and the deeds will follow

Paradigms Journal
3 min readDec 22, 2021


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One day a thought has caught my mind. “If I happen to consider myself as a failure in my life, what would I do?”. The following natural thought I had was that I would not commit a suicide. I felt it would be a waste of potential that could be utilized for the good. But if I would not end my life, what would I do then?

As my inner voice spoke I noticed I would probably pack a bag and start a new life in South America. A place where nobody knows me. A place that I am unfamiliar with. May be even start a new family? It definitely would be a humble and a simple life. A life where I can contribute and care less about myself. Care more about providing to the others, as in that age I wouldn’t even care that much about my achievements. It would not be significant anymore. Because there is nobody I need to prove or show off anything.

My achievements wouldn’t matter anymore. I would just live a life where I can contribute and be happy about making a positive change in other peoples’ lives.

On the other hand I am thinking to myself: Why not start this “new life” today? I don’t need to lead my life to a complete failure just to start from the beginning and make a choice of becoming a new person. I can make the choice today to become a new person and start contributing as I would in that scenario. I can become any person that I wish to be and make that change today. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see where this path would take me?

Imagine you are walking the same path of your life every single day. You probably already even know the destination of this path, because you have laid out the way. You probably can already imagine how your old days would look like. Who you will spend the rest of your life with and which neighborhood you are going to get old in.

But probably it would be much more interesting to explore a new path. A path that you have never considered walking before, but it was always there. It is a path that you have never payed attention to because you have either ignored it or have thought it is a path that you can always walk down whenever you find the time or make that choice. This is the neglected path that you intrinsically always desired to walk but never have consciously made that decision. A path that would be too “un-serious” to take because you don’t know where it will lead you and you wouldn’t want to waste your time and resources to explore.

However isn’t the pleasure of life is to do exciting things? To take paths without a known destination? Have some feeling of adventure and unknown? I believe a great life lived is where you can look back and have great memories that you have shared with your close ones. People who you can look back with and remember the great stories you shared. Have stories to tell your children and grand children. Inspire others. Make them believe in themselves, take risks and know that in the end all will be ok. Because if you have made it untill today, it shouldn’t be too bad. Taking risks is not as bad as we think they are. At the end of the day we have survived and probably even thrived. We made our way through the unknown path and have had many lessons learned. We found out how to deal with uncertainties and to stay strong together with the loved ones that we have.

Perhaps today is the day that I can make the choice to be a different person.



Paradigms Journal

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