Paradigms Catching Trip #1

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3 min readDec 28, 2021
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Getting out of the office and doing a cycling trip really helps against mental fatigue + at the same time it helps the mind to wonder around a little to get new ideas and catch new paradigms. I usually go on these trips to get some new impulses to my mental being and catch few new paradigms while I’m taking the ride. In today’s short article story I would like to share few paradigms that came to my mind:

Never let anger come out of you

This is something very important: if you do not control your emotions, they will control you. And especially anger is one of the most negative emotions that you can let out there. This is something that can damage not only your image but also relationships of your close ones. So just remember: whenever you feel anger, keep it in, no matter how much better you would feel letting it out. After this situation take some time to reflect to make a better decision and give yourself some credit to have been keeping control of yourself.

Don’t be attached to your company

If you are a business owner or have been one, I am sure you can relate. Your business is your baby and while you wish the best for your baby, you also have a particular way of raising it. And that way might not align with others way, who also participate in your company. Therefore to stay most effective in business remember imagine this: It is not your company. It is a company that you are building for someone else. Someone who will use the services and products it produces. Someone who will be working in it and be part of the customer success / admin / engineering team. Someone who will buy it out from you one day and continue raising it to further heights. To stay most effective, de-attach yourself from your company and remember that you are building this company for others, not yourself.

Maintain strong moral values

You know, there will be a lot of unfairness in this world. People will be betraying, cheating and trying to take advantage. But the only thing that you shall stick to is good moral values — no matter how unfair the world might be. Just do the right thing. Be on the right side. Do the good thing, even if it is harder than taking a shortcut. If you manage to do that, people will notice very quickly what kind of person you are. They will respect you and trust you. I am sure you have met someone before, that when that person speaks, everyone listens. This person is concise and requests for clear answers. They will want to be around you and allow you to take care of them.
On that note, also do take care of others. Be in charge of them. Take the responsibility. Don’t blame others, but instead yourself. If you are the big brother you shall take the responsibility. And over time you will notice those around you will start respecting you and follow your command.

The gap between your dreams and your life is the untaken action

This is an important one. People dream a lot. We all have dreams of our lives. How we would wish to spend our lives, how we wish to be treated and how kind of things we would wish to have. But all this comes with a price tag. To acquire something you need to pay for it. It can be tangible or intangible currancy, but everything has a price. The question is only if you have paid yours.

Usually the price is also lower than we thing. What we usually lack are clear steps to the destination. The uncertainties and lack of imagination is what makes the price tag appear enormously big. But if you would suddenly know the steps you need to take, you would easily be willing to put down the investment to gain that return.

The lesson of this one is to consolidate what the gap is and break down the price to cents which you would need to invest. You will then clearly know how much change you still need to reach your dreams.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed these new paradigms. Feel free to take your own bike rides to catch some.



Paradigms Journal

Journaling some of my paradigms. Hope some you might find some useful.