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2 min readJun 1, 2022


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Yesterday was not a good day. I had a setback in which I lost nearly $10,000. But somehow I do not feel bad about this loss. This loss was a tipping point that lead me to a new realization of Pillars of Life.

So far my life felt very fragile. As if I am walking a very thin line and every step I take I need to make it right. This has put a lot of pressure on my mental being, without me even being conscious about it. And as soon I had small set backs, it took a mental toll on me and usually made me dis-functional (as it happened yesterday).

But this time it was different. I have finally realized that my life feels so fragile is because it is based on only very few and unstable pillars. And as soon one of them has let me down, it felt like my life is going down.

These pillars can be your family, close friends, financial stability and savings, health and more.

So far I felt I have to reach highest performance possible and therefore I was running those pillars at the verge of collapse (neglecting relationships, my health and even putting my financial stability at risk). All these procedures have put high pressure on me as they all need to work our right, and because all of them are ran at the verge, there is very little capacity for errors. At the same time, the more pillars I ran on the verge, the more mental capacity I needed to orchestrate that everything goes right.

Eventually once one of the pillars broke, so did I.

Losing $10,000 is not a life/death situation, I will earn it back. But the valuable lesson learned was to focus more on my Pillars in Life. Strengthen them and add more pillars to support your mental being.

What that means is to put more attention to your personal health, good relationships and family. Eventually when things go down, these are the pillars that will support you in all life time situations. It is also good to have some financial pillars (savings, stable investments) for black swans. Last but not least: do take good care of your health and mental well being. Eventually if you are the main pillar that holds up your life and lives of others.

And once you have strengthen your pillars, you can build on top of them and flourish your life.

I wish you a pleasant day ahead. :)



Paradigms Journal

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